Spring/Summer 2022

Richardson Summer 2022 Swimwear


Richardson x David Sims


The Richardson X David Sims 2022 capsule is the latest addition to a series of collaborations between the renowned photographer and the Richardson brand. Pioneering photographer David Sims rose to prominence in the early 90’s as a leading proponent of the ‘grunge’ movement. Initially known for the stark modernism, simple backdrops and human directness in his work, Sim’s work has always been grounded in youth culture.The collaboration builds on the long-standing creative relationship between Andrew Richardson and David Sims and reflects the personal connection between the two, particularly in the inclusion of David’s son, Ned Sims. The capsule uses meta, lens-within-a-lens, imagery such as an image of a Richardson T-shirt taken by Sims reprinted as a new graphic T-Shirt, to present a conversation between two creative fields, fashion and photography.

The collaboration includes two T-shirts: the Richardson x David Sims T-Shirt in Black, with meta shirt-within-a shirt imagery and Richardson x David Sims logo type on reverse side collar; and the Richardson x David Sims Cover T-Shirt in White, which features the Broadsheet cover image with text details and Richardson x DavidSims logo type on reverse side collar. The Richardson x David Sims Broadsheet 2 is the second large-format ‘newspaper’-style zine released by Richardson and David Sims. It is an expansion of a series of images taken by Sims as part of the Richardson SS22 season review, some of which were previously featured in Silver Magazine. The collaboration is accompanied by an in-store event on May 20th, 2022 at Richardson Tokyo.

Richardson x Canal Rubber


Canal Rubber Supply Co., Inc. is a New York institution known for selling industrial foam and rubber products. The retail location at 329 Canal Street is known throughout the world for its unique display and stock of products since 1954.

Richardson x Canal Rubber commemorates the iconic New York institution with a series of garments and slightly unexpected household items. Incorporating imagery from Richardson Magazine A3 and the signature “If it’s in rubber, we have it” motto of Canal Rubber, the collection includes a T-Shirt and Long Sleeve both offered in Black. A yellow printed rubber Dog Leash features logos of the two brands and includes a custom Kong Frog clip connector. The Rubber Pillow Cushion features a Black-on-Black embossed graphic on rubber material.

Richardson Spring/Summer 2022 - Drop 4

Releasing 05/05/2022

Richardson Spring/Summer 2022 Editorial for GRIND Magazine Vol. 104

Photo by Motoyuki Daifu

Richardson Photographic Collection

Releasing 04/14/2022

The Richardson Photographic Collection highlights four artists: Danny Lyon, Antoine D’Agata, Gilles Peress, and Hiroji Kubota. Each featured artist’s work demonstrates the power of photography to bear witness to historical events and subjects and highlights perennial themes of protest, incarceration, religion and rebellion.

The Richardson Photographic Collection incorporates imagery from each of these artists in separate garments with high-quality prints. The collection includes the Danny Lyon t-shirt in White, the Antoine D’Agata T-shirt in White, Gilles Peress T-shirt in White and Black, and Hiroji Kubota T-Shirt in Black. Each artist’s work is also featured on a hoodie, which come in both White as well as Black. The Hiroji Kubota hoodie presents the image on the reverse side, with Richardson logos on the front.Also included are the two Richardson Coaches’ Jackets. The REDACTED Coaches Jacket in White features the photos of Lyons, Peress and D’Gata, while the Hiroji Kubota Coaches’ Jacket in Black incorporates the same branded lapel, with Kubota’s image printed on the back.

The Richardson Photographic Collection will be available in the US on April 14th and in Japan on April 16th.

Portions of the proceeds will be donated to Ukraine Refugees.

Richardson x Danny Lyon

Danny Lyon’s long career has captured significant moments, and movements, in American history, beginning most famously with his documentation of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, as the photographer for SNCC (Students Nonviolent Coordinating Committee). His highly immersed style helped incite the New Journalism movement, in which the photographer is an active participant, rather than bystander, to the actions in images they capture. Lyon’s photograph in the Richardson Photographic collection comes from his series on Texas penitentiaries.

Richardson x Gilles Peress

Gilles Peress’ photographs create documentary narratives that explore themes including intolerance and conflict, as well as nationalism and its violent consequences throughout the world. The photograph featured in this collection is taken from his visual essay following the aftermath of Bloody Sunday, when British soldiers murdered 26 civilians during a protest march organized by the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association in 1972.

Richardson x Antoine D'Gata

Antoine D’Agata uses his own life experiences as material in order to probe subjects often considered taboo, such as addiction, sex, darkness, and prostitution. It is from this vantage point that he views the altar in the featured photograph, with an eye towards the limits of morality, and the exteriority of religious institutions.

Richardson x Hiroji Kubota

Hiroji Kubota began his career as a photojournalist in the 1960s following political movements in the United States with ethnographic veracity - from anti-war protests to the civil rights movement. Kubota’s photograph in this collection illuminates the stark and powerful actions of the Black Panther Party in Chicago.

Richardson Spring/Summer 2022 - Drop 3

Releasing 03/31/2022