Autumn/Winter 2021

Richardson x Converse Addict

Richardson x Converse Addict - Jack Purcell featuring a GORE-TEX lined Suede Upper, Paracord Laces and Vibram Sole - Available Exclusively at Richardson Tokyo.


Richardson Shop Tokyo; 4-27-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Richardson x New Era Cap 59Fifty

Releasing 12/16/2021

Richardson Boxers


Richardson War Rug Pillow


Richardson Corduroy Suits


Richardson x mum.vs.cold Balaclavas


Quilted Blanket, War Rug & Denim Workwear Collection


RM Collection

Exclusive to Richardson Tokyo 11/06/2021

Richardson x Alien Labs Collection


Alien Labs is one of the boldest California cannabis companies and one of the earliest to brand cannabis culture as a worldwide phenomenon by creating new and unique exotic strains.

Richardson Fall/Winter 2021 Editorial: “High Windows” for GRIND Magazine Vol. 103

Photographed by: Joshua Gordon

New Richardson Down Jackets, Combat Sweatsuits & RH Collection


Richardson x Penny Slinger


Penny Slinger is a British-born artist based in Los Angeles who has been exploring the connection between eroticism, mysticism, feminism and art for over fifty years. Her work has been described as being in the genre of feminist surrealism, and involves multiple mediums, including collage, photography, film and sculpture. Richardson x Penny Slinger Collection revisits three significant landmarks in her artistic catalog: 50% The Visible Woman, An Exorcism, and Mountain Ecstasy.

XTC Collection


Richardson Magazine A10 - The Morality Issue :

Richardson Magazine is pleased to present A10: The Morality Issue. Richardson Magazine began in 1998, and since then the fine radical publication has highlighted the intersection of sex, art and culture with the intent to inform and provoke. Releasing on September 11th, 2021, the magazine cover features Dominique Silver AKA Natassia Dreams, photographed by Glen Luchford and interviewed by Shayne Oliver. Intent on exploring the ethical snags and complications of our sexual pasts and the possibilities of our sexual futures, the issue includes works by Paul McCarthy, Frances Stark, Boris Lurie, Jordan Wolfson and Penny Slinger alongside texts by Samuel Delany, Jamieson Webster, Rachel Rabbit White, and Juliana Huxtable as well as many others. 

In her interview with Shayne Oliver, cover girl Dominique Silver speaks publicly for the first time ever about her separate career as the porn star Natassia Dreams, the evolution of trans identity in culture, and the perseverance of conservatism and stigma around sex work even amongst self-proclaimed progressive communities. Other selections from the issue include: a case study of pro-sex feminist artist Penny Slinger’s seminal early works, a selection of images by the irreverent American artist Frances Stark, and a critique of the conceptual relevance of toxic masculinity in Male Sexuality: A Dire Continent by psychoanalyst Jamieson Webster, featured alongside images of 1990s frat hazing rituals photographed by C. Taylor Crothers. Most well-known for his science fiction works dating from the 1970s, an excerpt from Samuel Delany’s recent novella Big Joe dives into the realm of gay erotica with an explicit tale of sexual debauchery on a hippie commune in the southern United States. An interview with erotic archivist and seasoned pornographer Dian Hanson highlights the long dureé of pornographic history from vaginal cave paintings to early corporate attempts at anti-masturbation devices and the prison escape attempts of the American godfather of porn. Artist Darja Bajagić discusses the works of Boris Lurie, founder of the NO!art movement, who was ignored by the art world during his life for his anti-consumerist politics and the extreme content of his collages, both rooted in his experiences as a survivor of the Holocaust. Porn Noise: In Praise of Shadows dives into the archives of American and Japanese noise music to illustrate the aesthetic significance of hardcore pornography in the history of the extreme music genre. The story Coach Stage Stage Coach includes images from an unreleased cinematic work by Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy, a Western-themed debacle in which McCarthy plays the role of Ronald Raygun in a cast of characters that includes Nancy Raygun, Adam and Eve, Jesus Christ and Rintintin. For the full list of contents and contributors, Richardson Magazine A10 - 'The Morality Issue' will be available on September 11th 2021.

A10 Cover T-Shirt

Releasing 09/11/2021

Richardson x Anonymous Club A10 Capsule Collection

Richardson x Anonymous Club collaboration accompanies the release of Richardson Magazine’s most recent publication: A10: The Morality Issue.

The capsule collection incorporates text and graphics from the A10 editorial with Richardson and Anonymous Club logos, including images of cover girl Dominique Silver (AKA Natassia Dreams) shot by Glen Luchford, with text excerpts from her interview with Shayne Oliver of Hood by Air and Anonymous Club.  Richardson x Anonymous Club Capsule Collection will be available on September 11th 2021 at 9am EST on

REAL TREE™ Camo Collection


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Richardson x Chloë Sevigny In-Store Event at Richardson New York


Richardson x Chloë Sevigny Capsule Collection


Academy Award Nominee and American style icon Chloë Sevigny, works with Richardson on a capsule collection inspired by early 90’s New York, punk culture and American cheerleading. The collection consists of a T-shirt and Crewneck sweatshirt featuring the Chloë Stevens Sevigny (CSS) Monogram and Henry Mcgee photograph of Chloë at Sway, the seminal New York nightlife venue famous for only playing the Smiths. A modified fit M65 Field Jacket in Black Poplin features the CSS monogram on the back, with the Richardson Glyph eagle logo and CSS name tape on the front. The collaboration also introduces Richardson's first dress: a modern cheerleader-uniform cut made from cotton jersey with a wrist-to-wrist zipper enclosing the neck, a dolman sleeve, and the CSS monogram and Richardson Glyph screen printed on the front.