Fall/Winter 2021

Quilted Blanket, War Rug & Denim Workwear Collection


Quilted Blanket Varsity Jacket

Quilted Blanket Liner Jacket

Quilted Blanket Flight Pants

Flight Sweatpants

War Rug Fleece Jacket

War Rug Fleece Pants

War Rug Balaclava

Denim Welder's Jacket

Denim Workpants

Corduroy Work Suit Jacket

Corduroy Work Suit Pants

Cut-Out Hoodie

Cut-Out T-Shirt

Leather Wallet

Leather Keychain

RM Collection

Exclusive to Richardson Tokyo 11/06/2021

Richardson x Alien Labs Collection


Alien Labs is one of the boldest California cannabis companies and one of the earliest to brand cannabis culture as a worldwide phenomenon by creating new and unique exotic strains.

Richardson x Alien Lab Hoodie

Richardson x Alien Labs Longsleeve

Richardson x Alien Labs T-Shirt

Richardson x Alien Labs Fleece Jacket

Richardson x Alien Labs Fleece Pants

Richardson x Alien Labs Fleece Hat with Stash Pocket

Richardson x Alien Labs Stash Jar

Richardson Fall/Winter 2021 Editorial: “High Windows” for GRIND Magazine Vol. 103

Photographed by: Joshua Gordon

New Richardson Down Jackets, Combat Sweatsuits & RH Collection


Tartan Down Jacket

Down Jacket

Combat Panel Crewneck

Combat Sweatpants